At each stop on the Digital Impact World Tour, we are asking participants to share the tools, tips and resources that help them use and manage digital resources safely, ethically and effectively. Then we are asking: what’s missing? Explore the lists below of “What We Use” and “What We Need” that civil society leaders shared at Digital Impact Brussels on June 13. Add your own ideas by dropping us a note at


“What We Use”




“What We Need”


  • Digitalization literacy/capacity building support
  • Pro bono network of data scientists
  • ICT support understanding
  • OECD multi-stakeholder partnership on data philanthropy
  • Proactive digital strategy
  • Data management
  • Compliance with e-privacy policy in 2018
  • Programs on digital literacy + consent
  • Good networks: shared expertise on the various issues related to digital
  • Greater creativity for policy engagement: new tools and ways to connect citizens’ demands with policymakers
  • Transparency about who we are and what we do
  • Solid online protection mechanism to protect our data
  • Greater creativity in institutional design
  • Clarity, precision and safeguards about data ownership and data philanthropy
  • Simplified consent forms
  • Simplification of issues: risks to build mobilization of citizens and policy action of civil society organizations


Do you have a solution to a “need” on this list? Let us know at